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Terzetto – Contemporary Craftsman

A modern craftsman found in a quiet, urban neighbourhood undergoing a rapid transformation. Located minutes from downtown Vancouver and with views extending to the North Shore mountains, entertaining dictated the course of design in this home.

Glass and stainless steel add sheen to surfaces. Renewable bamboo flooring is used throughout.

An air source heat pump provides efficient and sustainable cooling in the summer months, and radiant infloor heating warms the home in the winter. An HRV unit exchanges air within the home with fresh air, while pulling the heat energy out of the exhausting stale air. A power use monitor provides a digital readout to indicate the amount of electrical use to allow the client to make conscious decisions about energy consumption. There is even power in the garage to charge an electric car. Additionally, the home is completely solar ready.

Uncomplicated and open spaces allow for freedom of movement among all areas. A concept well suited to the client’s lifestyle.